Welcome to Goodwood Primary School’s Homepage
Our Vision
Our Child, Our Community, Our Future
Our Mission
To provide a learning community of innovation and excellence by promoting growth for individuals.
Our Shared Values
·         Honesty & Integrity
We Practice what we preach, are tolerant, trustworthy morally compassionate, appreciative, and strive for happiness.
·         Innovation & Creativity
We value creativity, thinking outside of the square, being versatile, and problem solving. "one size doesn't fit all"
·         Optimism
Be fun, engaging, motivated, valuing the contribution of all, having a constructive attitude.
·         Safety
We all have a right to feal and be safe, physically, emotionally, and mentally.
·         High Standards
We value Reliability, a professional work ethic, achievement, discipline, being reliable and organised, working as a team, commitment, developing survival skills, and responsibility.
·         Respect
Be Understanding, empathetic, accepting, tolerant, fair, trustworthy, adaptable, friendly, moving forward with integrity.
·         Individual & Community
Convey happiness, self-worth, confidence, acceptance, belonging, connectedness, and a spirit of working together.
We are a Move Well Eat Well School!
And a Kids Matter School!
Goodwood Primary School 
Term 1
Tuesday, 5 February - Friday, 19 April (Easter Friday, 29 March - Tuesday, 2 April)
Term 2
Monday, 6 May - Friday, 5 July
Term 3
Monday, 22 July - Friday, 27 September
Term 4
Monday, 14 October - Thursday, 19 December
Upcoming Events
Please See our Calendar
Thursday, 28 March (PL)
Friday, 19 April (Mod)
Monday, 22 July (PL)
Friday, 25 October (PL)
Monday, 28 January
- Australia Day
Monday, 11 February
- Royal Hobart Regatta
Monday, 11 March
- Eight Hours Day
Friday, 29 March
- Good Friday
Monday, 1 April
- Easter Monday
Tuesday, 2nd April
- Easter Tuesday
Thursday, 25 April
- Anzac Day
Monday, 10 June
- Queen's Birthday
Thursday, 24 October
- Royal Hobart Show